Pay to Play: It’s a Whole New World

Social media algorithms in 2019 are all about connecting people and deprioritizing the organic reach business Pages used to enjoy.

Lauren McMenemy

It seems the age of free marketing using the organic reach of social platforms are over. In this post I will share three things you need to know about the change from organic reach to a world of pay to play.

How do we know we are moving to a pay to play world?

  1. Facebook and other social media sites are intentionally restricting how many of your followers will see your posts.
  2. Today’s brands are only reaching 6% of their fans with organic social media.
  3. In 2017 there was a 60% increase social media ad spend.

So what should a marketer do?

  1. Know who you want to reach, and figure out their interests and passions.
  2. Give it to them for free, (in the form of education, tips and tricks, techniques, lists, blog posts, and videos).
  3. Put paid promotion behind it, and use the tracking data to measure your ROI. Then adjust.

Is there anything else a marketer should consider?

  1. Facebook is promoting Groups and saying that they won’t be targeted by the same Algorithm. Check out Instapot and Peleton for examples of effective marketing using Facebook Groups.
  2. Make sure the ads you pay for are effective – the most highly rated ads are entertaining, followed by discounts and teach-me.
  3. Check out the Stories element of Facebook and Instagram.

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